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Wood Borer Treatment

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Rex Environment Science: Your Expert Wood Borer Control Specialists. We recognize the harm that wood borers pose to the structural integrity of your property. We provide specialized solutions to safeguard your wooden structures, furniture, and valuables with our complete wood borer control services. Our team of trained professionals begins with a thorough inspection to assess the extent of the infestation and identify the specific wood borer species involved. This step is crucial in determining the most effective treatment plan. We are employing the solvent to carry pesticide deep into the wood and to leave a solvent odor on the wooden furniture for a few days. Wood borers consume the entire wood by chewing it into a heap of wood dust. A symptom of a wood borer attack is the insects making tiny pin holes in a hardwood surface. Infestations of wood borers are significantly more likely in humid environments, such as poorly aired crawl spaces.

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Powder post beetles, popularly known as “Wood Borer” mainly belong to three families of beetles. These families are:

  • Lyctidae
  • Bostrichidae
  • Anobidae
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With the support of the experienced staff, we infested the wood structure by emptying out and the tiny holes created by wood borer will be injected with oil based chemicals and thereafter all wooden structure will be sprayed thoroughly with oil based chemical treated on the affected area.