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"Terminex Pest Control Company: Specialists in Termite Management"

Rex Environment is a well-known brand in the market that offers high-quality Termite Control services for your house and office. A Termite Control Agency is a specialized service provider that deals with the identification, prevention, and eradication of termite infestations in homes, buildings, and other structures. These agencies employ professionals who are trained in various methods to inspect, treat, and protect properties from termite damage.

Termite control agencies offer a range of services, including termite inspections, treatment plans using various techniques such as baiting systems or chemical barriers, ongoing monitoring, and preventive measures to ensure that structures remain termite-free.

Termite Pest Control In India

Termite Control Agency in Ahmedabad,India

We are providing the service of Pre Construction Anti Termite Treatment which is done with the best quality of termiticides that are applied several times at different stages giving the promise of no termite for 10 years. First of all we treat the preconstruction areas with termiticide barrier in between the slabs. The termiticides are applied on sides and bottom surface of the foundation trenches or column pits that are treated with chemical emulsion. The traditional treatment for pre construction also known as Drill, Fill & Seal and it provides max. warranty of 5* years. The earth around the external perimeter of the building is treated so as to prevent the reinfection of termites from outside We provide quality services at reasonable rates and we give maximum output at minimum input. Our spraying and steam treatments are long term solutions against termite infection. The Post Treatment starts at excavation level and ends at the Periphery of the building, comes with a warranty of 10** years. The treatment method is carried out as per IS 6313 (Part – II) for the relevant building structure. Even we are engaged in service providing of termite in below mentioned ways.

Rex - Termite Control service ensures that in around 7-15 days termites vanish, dissimilar to different synthetic compounds that just repulse them and cause them to spread while harming your property.

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Wall and Floor Treatment

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Wall and floor treatment is the process of applying pest control techniques to a building's walls and floors in order to prevent or eradicate pest infestations. This form of treatment is especially critical in structures where pests can hide or enter via cracks, gaps, or other openings in the walls or flooring.

termite wall and floor treatment,Termite Pest Control In Gujarat

Wooden Fixtures Treatment

termite pest control in ahmedabad

Wooden fixtures treatment refers to the process of maintaining, preserving, and enhancing the appearance and longevity of wooden structures and furniture. This treatment is essential for protecting wood from various elements that can cause damage over time, such as moisture, sunlight, insects, and general wear and tear.

wooden fixtures treatment ,Termite Pest Control In Ahmedabad

Termite Tubes Treatment

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Termite tube treatment is the process of addressing and eliminating termite tubes, also known as shelter tubes or mud tubes, which termites build to travel between their nest and a food supply, such as wood in your home. Termite tubes are formed of soil, wood particles, saliva, and termite feces, and they provide a safe channel for termites to reach their food supply without being exposed to light or predators.

Termite Tubes Treatment

External Perimeter Treatment

termite pest control in india

External perimeter treatment is a pest control method designed to create a barrier around the exterior of a building or property to prevent pests from entering the premises. This proactive approach targets pests before they have a chance to infiltrate the structure, effectively keeping them at bay and minimizing the risk of infestation indoors.

External Perimeter Treatment
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