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Cockroach Pest Control

Now a day the cockroaches are the largest driving pests in the Resident and Commercial place. It is hugely noted that the cockroaches are at the worst kinds of pests since they wander in our food and also in dirty areas spreading germs and diseases quickly. Rex-pest control - advanced pest control ltd not only provide pest service that also provide the element which things help  you can easily remove the cockroach such as cockroach killing gel india, hit tube for cockroach. We at Rex follow the standard Cockroach control procedure for terminating their population but more frequent service may be required due to their rapid reproductive rate. The cockroaches thrive in warm, damp environments, such as sewers, steam tunnels, basements, crawl spaces, and boiler rooms. However, they are also found in any area where food items are kept (especially kitchens). With an intensive understanding of the extent of damage cockroaches can cause Rex to be well developed an in-house integrated program to manage cockroaches.

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How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches In India

We are offering the services that are determined on an inspection and audit of the premises. We are even indulged in offering our customers with custom solutions that adhere to international food safety norms based on the size and operations of the company. Our service consists of thorough inspections, application, monitoring and recommendations on sanitation and proofing. The services offered control the cockroaches consists of the drainage Treatment which is more effective to control cockroaches at homes. The Solution is poured in drainage so that it kills Cockroaches from their origin and the other is Gel Base Treatment which is very effective to control cockroaches at homes without affecting the home natural atmosphere. The gel is directly applied beneath slabs, cracks, splits where cockroaches hide, the gel that attracts them to feed on it and die.

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